10/04/2017 Delhi to Surat. 

Our time had come to bid farewell to the Capital City and move on to the mother city of Surat, where my roots lie in Alipore.

Peace out DL.


Delhi is a very busy city that never sleeps. The roads are always busy and uber is the biggest blessing. Halaal food is difficult to find but there is a restaurant called Khana Khazana that is absolutely delicious. It’s situated in Tughlakabad, it’s definitely worth the distance as it is far from central Delhi but inexpensive and lekker. Infact, we ate there twice. Since Delhi is the Capital of India, things are generally expensive. Nizamuddin was a terrible experience and going there once was more than enough, however, you will definitely find the best exchange rate over there which makes going there worth it. All in all, we had a really good stay in Delhi and I loved it. Delhi also shows you the grass of both sides, where Chandni Chowk is poor, central Delhi has upmarket shops like Adidas, The Body Shop, Starbucks, etc. Seeing both sides of the grass shows you what India truly is and allows you to experience the true India.

We flew to Surat and the minute we boarded, I saw the change in the people. Gujarati people are different, we look different, we eat differently and we speak differently. The flight was 1h40m long and the view from the window was breathtaking.

Bird’s eye view.

As soon as you get off the plane, the hot air of Surat hits you and you know that you’re somewhere comepletely different and you can’t wait to explore this new place.

Step count: 4 444 steps.

Surat: Through the looking glass.

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