Tuesday – 24/12/2019 | Kuşadası & Pamukkale

On Tuesday morning, we had breakfast on the fifth floor of our hotel. We were barely awake but when we saw the view from the restaurant, our minds were blown.

It was beautiful. It looked like a scene out of a movie. It had multi-coloured houses on the one side and the beautiful blue ocean on the other side. Yachts were lined up ready to be taken out for the day and I couldn’t help wishing that I could go out for a ride on one of the yachts. I honestly didn’t want to leave the view. However, all good things must come to an end.

We set out on the road again. The original plan was to spend the day in Kuşadası exploring Ephesus but because it was raining, we decided to skip Ephesus and go to Pamukkale. Kuşadası to Pamukkale is a three hour drive. Time passed faster than I thought it would and before we knew it, we were at Hierapolis.

It looked pretty deserted when we got there and my family gave me looks that said “where did you bring us?” But after a short walk we got to the museum entrance. It’s 72 TL per person for entry into Hierapolis.

As it was cold and rainy, we decided to take the bus up to our first stop, the Antique Pool. The bus ride costs 6 TL per person. As we were getting on the bus, our friends from our Jeddah airport transit (shout-out Naazneen, Ridhwaan and family) were leaving Hierapolis and they said that we have to swim in the Antique Pool (which we weren’t planning on doing).

It was a short ride to the Antique Pool, we passed the Anatolia Cemetery on the way up. The ruins of Hierapolis look mystical, I can’t even imagine how amazing Hierapolis must’ve been in its glory days.

When we reached the Antique Pool, my dad decided that he wanted to swim. Bear in mind, none of us had costumes and it was freezing. We decided to buy costumes from the shop here. They had halaal friendly costumes (burkinis) for females and shorts for males. You had to pay 50 TL per person to swim in the water. The water was 40°C and it felt amazing. The thermal water of the pool can cure cardiovascular diseases (such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, artery disease, venous insufficiency and varicose veins), skin diseases (such as psoriasis, eczema, teenage acne and skin lesion resulted from sugar and immobility) and rheumatic diseases (such as rheumatism, chronic waist and neck pain and fibromyalgia).

After the Antique Pool, we walked to the travertines. The view was breathtaking. Most covered the sky. There was a pool of water at the bottom of it. The travertines are white with pools of clear blue water in it. My sister and I took a quick walk in it but it was really cold at 20°C.

We passed by the museum but didn’t go in because everyone was cold and tired after the swim in the Antique Pool. We took another bus to the theatre, this bus was 8 TL per person.

My favourite part of Hierapolis was this: The Hierapolis Antique City. It is a beautiful theatre. Words can’t describe how majestic this place was, I was blown away by it. It was huge and you could hear your echo when you screamed. I didn’t want to leave but eventually, when the rain drops came, I said goodbye. The theatre was the highlight of Pamukkale for me.

After Pamukkale, we were really hungry so we drove to a mall in Denzili for Burger King. Apparently, Turkey’s Burger King is the best Burger King and even though the burger went down, I don’t think it beats the first time I had Burger King in Makkah.

It was finally time to go to our hotel. We stayed at a South African hotspot, Doğa Thermal Hotel. This hotel offers everything thermal pools, a hamaam and a spa.

My siblings and I decided that we wanted to swim again. We first went in the big pool which was 28°C and then into the thermal pools which were 40°C. Before today, I hadn’t swam in a long time so I forgot how much I loved it. I love the water, the feeling of being free, the feeling of floating on top of the water and the feeling of going under water. The thermal pool was so hot, it calmed me completely and as I stood in the boiling hot water, I felt all my worries float away.

After our swim, it was time for supper and after supper, it was straight to sleep.

Step count: 9 778

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