Saturday – 28/12/2019 | Pierre Lotti & Eyüp Sultan Mosque

We started our day a little bit later than usual. We walked from our hotel to the bus stop buying chestnuts on the way (these are a really delicious snack!). It was a clear day so my mum decided that we would go to Pierre Lotti Hill. 

After the bus, we reached the Eyyüp district where Pierre Lotti is situated. There are lots of stores here selling abayahs, souvenirs and even Ertugrul hats for 45 TL. 

You have to walk until you reach the cable car that takes you up to Pierre Lotti. The cable car can be accessed using your metro card for 2,60 TL. It’s a short ride up, you go over a cemetery and roads. 


Pierre Lotti Hill’s view of Istanbul is breathtaking. We spent about half an hour here taking in the view. I didn’t want to leave. It was perfect. We bought corn and sahlep and then made our way back down with the cable car. 


After Pierre Lotti Hill, we went to read salaah at the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. This mosque holds the tomb of the Ansaari sahabi, Sayyidina Abu Ayyub Ansari (R.A.). Near the tomb, a huffadh sits 24/7 and recites Qur’aan. He finishes one khatam a day. 

There are also artefacts to see here which include the leaf of a tree that Nabi ﷺ planted, two hair strands from Nabi’s ﷺ beard and the footprint of Nabi ﷺ. Allahu ‘Aalam. 


Next, we caught a bus to Olivium Outlet Center. This mall has outlet stores and they were on sale. I went to a bookstore and asked if they sold English books but unfortunately they only sold Turkish ones. Bookstores make me so happy even if I can’t buy anything. We had Popeye’s for supper and then went back to the hotel. 


Step count: 15 659

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