Wednesday – 01/01/2020 | Fatih Market

There’s a market near the mosque in Fatih that happens every Wednesday and even though it was New Year’s Day, they were open. This is a market that everyone tries to go to so if you’re coming to Turkey, make sure you’re in Istanbul on a Wednesday for this market.

We took the tram to Yusufpasa from Sirkeci and then a taxi to the market. The taxi driver dropped us off at the market and at first glance, it didn’t look like much but boy, were we wrong because this was an absolute treasure.

The market had everything from fruits and vegetables to phone covers to pyjamas and bags to hoodies to fish. It was amazing to see how the people of Istanbul shop. I’m sure locals fill up their homes for the week at this market because it takes care of your every need. Be prepared to walk a lot.

I think the market was worth it because you’re supporting the people of Istanbul. These people are kind, helpful and genuinely good so if you want to shop, support them.

We also found a supermarket in this area. My mum makes sure that we take home the food that we liked when we were on holiday, chocolates, biscuits, noodles and even gums and Turkey’s ketchup and mayonnaise.

After this we went to the room to layer up as it got really cold and then went for lunch (again) to Esmer Cafe Chef (proof of how much we loved it!).

I wanted to go on to the Bosporus so we took the ferry from Sirkeci to Prince’s Island. As we set sail, the sun started to set. This sunset blew my mind. It looked beautiful as it set on the many landmarks in Istanbul, Galata Tower, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Maiden’s Tower. It took my breath away. I braved the cold winds and stood outside, watched the sunset and took pictures.

Instead of getting off at Prince’s Island, we rode the ferry back straight away. A man started singing on the ferry, an old lady started dancing, people joined in and started singing and clapping along. It was the highlight of my day and as I turned and watched as the sun set completely on the water and against the Istanbul skyline. This is the moment that I realised that I was completely and irrevocably in love with this city.

My siblings and I spent the next few hours exploring Sirkeci and it’s cobblestone lanes. I spotted a crescent moon between a tree and a mosque and again marvelled at the wonder of this perfect city that Allah blessed.

Step count: 14 753

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