Friday & Saturday – 03/01/2020 & 04/01/202 | Istanbul to Jeddah and Jeddah to Johannesburg

Today, we woke up to the Istanbul skyline for the last time. Normally, whenever it’s time to leave a place, I’m very, very excited to go home. I can’t wait to go home to my own bed and my own bathroom. Today, this was not the case. My heart hurt to leave Istanbul in all its splendour. The minute we left the hotel and said goodbye to Istanbul, I began to miss it. 


The drive to the airport was about an hour, before we knew it, we were walking through the security checks. Istanbul Airport is amazing. We had Carl’s Jr for lunch, read salaah and then it was time to board.

I spent the flight finishing the Fault In Our Stars and the Netflix series You. We had aisle seats this time so there was no window for me to watch the sun go down. 

A granny who was sitting at the window seat saw me looking at the sunset and then called me over to come see it nicely (and also let me take pictures). I was super psyched about this and she made my heart very happy. 

We landed in Jeddah and as soon as I felt the desert air, my heart felt a pang because I was so near to the Ka’bah and I wouldn’t be seeing it. It’s a different heartache being so near, yet so far. 

So began our six hour transit at Jeddah airport. I alternated between writing blog posts and watching series on Netflix, thank goodness there was wifi! 

Once again, my brother got someone to go and buy for us Al Baik for supper and we had Baskin Robbins. I had the brownie bowl (for my cousin, Fati) and everyone else had scoops of cookies and cream, sherbet and cotton candy. Holiday calories don’t count. 

PHOTO-2020-02-12-19-28-12 6

We spent the remaining time browsing through Duty Free, the riyal was almost at 4 to the rand so we didn’t shop except for some chocolates for my grandfather. 

It’s amazing how slow time passes by when you want it to fly past. I was anxious to board and I counted down the minutes until we’d be on our way home. Eventually, at 1am, we boarded. 


My siblings and I spent the flight sleeping and only woke for fajr and to watch the sunrise. Soon after, the pilot was announcing our descent to Johannesburg and with that our holiday came to an end.

PHOTO-2020-02-12-19-28-12 7

At 8am, my Mamajee was waiting for us at Arrivals and I couldn’t have been more happier to see him. We came home to samoosas and pies and viennas and eggs for breakfast by my aunty and grandmother and khari kitchri (which I had been craving the entire time) for lunch. I saw the rest of family for supper when we had Mochachos and then I went to nap. When I woke up, my ten year old cousin had unpacked my handbag that was filled with souvenirs from the trip and she packed everything in its place, exactly where I would’ve packed it. 

Friday step count: 11 826

Saturday step count: 5 733


Turkey was absolutely amazing. I had saw everything that I had only ever read in books, saw in movies and were a part of my dreams. I fell irrevocably and completely in love with Istanbul and if you told me right now “Let’s go to Turkey”, I would go online and start looking for tickets. 

Thank you everyone for following me on my Turkish adventure. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I see any of you and you tell me that you’re following the posts or that you’re waiting for the next one. If you need any advice on booking your Turkish adventure, I’m more than happy to help and if you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer any of them. The competition closes on Friday at 12pm, so you still have a chance to enter, the competition can be found here. 

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