Monday – 26/12/2022 | Table Mountain

After breakfast today we decided to go to Access Park. While it was great for my step count, it was an absolute waste of a morning. Give this a miss.

We had Bin Rashied’s pizza for lunch and it was genuinely so good. I definitely recommend getting a margherita with green chillies.

To kill some time before we went to the mountain, we took a walk through Bo-Kaap today. Bought some koeksisters and even went to the Turkish supermarket in the area. The supermarket sells Damak chocolate and is my favourite chocolate from Turkey.

We waited for an hour in line to get to the mountain just listening to everyone’s accents in the many different languages they speak in. We took the cable car up and the floor of the cable car rotates so everyone gets to see the view.

I absolutely loved exploring the mountain. We had the perfect weather today, it was sunny with the perfect amount of breeze to feel comfortable. We spent about two hours just around soaking in the views because the further you walk, the prettier the view is.

I settled at a spot to watch the sunset and that’s when I saw my cousins and their kids. It was a bustle of excitement and pictures. We watched as the sky went from golden hour to burnt orange and then light blue to pink and purple. The sunset was perfect. I was so sad to leave the mountain and the beautiful view.

As we were coming down, the operator informed us that further down a car was on fire and the emergency response was on the way. No one could come up the mountain so we ended up being eleven people in our car. I’m all about making memories and this was definitely one I wouldn’t forget.

One and a half hours later, it’s 10pm and no restaurants are open or if they are, there’s no reservations for us. We ended up at Wembley Roadhouse where there was another hour wait. The food was decent but the company was definitely better. We ended up sitting around the table just catching up with my cousins and nephews and it was a vibe.

Step count: 10 167 (could’ve been better but once I got comfy on a rock, I didn’t want to move)


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