Wednesday – 28/12/2022 | Robben Island

Since we were going to Robben Island today, we decided to have an early lunch at Makers Landing. Most places were still closed so we ended up having fish, prawns and chips from Blue Tree Seafood and Sushi (they only sell seafood and they don’t serve alcohol). The food was amazing.

We went to the Waterfront and that’s when the wait began. We waited an hour in line to board, then the boat was delayed so we waited another hour, the previous group disembarked and then only we could get on.

It was a smooth half an hour ride to Robben Island. The boat is spacious and it feels like you’re on a plane. It was quite comfortable and lots of people were falling off to sleep.

We reached the island and the guide informed us that the minute we leave the harbour, we’ve entered the museum. You have to walk a bit from the boat to a bus and then the bus takes you around the island.

It was truly an experience to be standing where history had occurred. The guide for our group was an ex-prisoner and his stories were so sad. He spoke with such emotion as if no time had passed. He told us how they used to go on hunger strikes in the prison just to get the people higher up to hear their demands.

It’s absolutely insane that the prisoners themselves had to build the walls they were imprisoned in. We stopped to see the Limestone Quarry, the political leaders were forced to walk from the prison to the quarry and work here for eight hours a day. There was no point to this, it was just to diminish their spirits.

After stopping to look at the view of table mountain from the island which was breathtaking of course, we boarded the boat to get back to Cape Town. The boat ride home was the best part of this experience because we got to stand on the outside part upstairs and just feel the Cape Town breeze and look at the vast ocean and all the possibilities it holds.

When we got back, we were really hungry so we went back to Makers Landing for supper. We had Conscious Carnivores. The service was great even though they were so busy and the food was amazing (we weren’t adventurous at all and we all ordered the CMM burgers).

We went back to the Waterfront and after walking around for a bit, we had dip n dip. We ordered the chocolate lava cake and a choux pastry. They were both delicious but definitely order to share here!

Step count: 12 969 (this is the person i want to be at home also)


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