Thursday – 29/12/2022 | V&A Waterfront

If you ask any of my family at home where we were when they called, they’d say we were at the Waterfront. And they’d probably be right. It’s my favourite place to be in Cape Town.

So after breakfast, we left the hotel and headed for a full day at the V&A. The traffic was insane compared to yesterday but we made it to the waterfront eventually.

We walked around, it’s amazing how not one Sale sign was up 3 days ago but now every where there’s huge red signs (which makes me very happy).

We walked around V&A, Sandton and Rosebank can’t compare to here. I’m obsessed and I found myself wishing I lived in Cape Town so V&A would become my usual place to shop. Not sure if you’ve picked up yet, but today was a day dedicated to shopping. V&A has everything a girl could possibly need.

You know the look kids have on their face when they’re in a sweet shop, that’s my face in a mall.

For lunch, we took a walk from the shopping centre to Makers Landing. We ordered some sushi from Blue Tree Sushi and Seafood which was amazing. 10/10 would recommend. The owners are also really sweet and recognised us from yesterday. We also had Tasca Mozambique which was delicious. The prawns from here was the best we’ve had this whole trip.

Then, we met up with my cousins and their kids. We shopped around for a bit before the kids needed some refuelling. We had Steelies chips and some pizza.

After maghrib, we went to the V&A Food Market. Most places close at 9pm here so we just ended up having some Kunafa, baklava and fudge. The kunafa was a bit different as it didn’t have cheese but it was so so good.

By 10pm, we were exhausted and it was time to settle in for the night so we could make the best of our last day in Cape Town tomorrow.

Step count: 20 019 (KILLED IT!!!)


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