Friday – 30/12/2022 | Chapman’s Peak Drive

It’s our last day in Cape Town so naturally we missed our last breakfast. By the time we woke up, we needed to get ready for Jummah and Jummah lunch at my cousin. We waited until the men came home and then had khari kitchri. 10/10 would recommend having hot home food on holiday, our original plan was Bibi’s Kitchen but this was so so much better.

We had last minute errands to run on the way to Chapman’s Peak. We stopped in Hout Bay to get some stuff from the vendors and then went to Chapman’s Peak Drive.

I’m 100% certain that Chapman’s Peak is my favourite drive. The views are breathtaking and since it was such a hot day, the sea was a beautiful blue with the sun shimmering on it. With this drive, we said goodbye to the ocean.

After this, we went to the V&A Food Market. We bought waffles and crepes which were really good. The Momo here is such a cute shop and the tea was the best I’ve ever had (please be mindful when having Momo or any other bubble tea to ensure that the ingredients are halaal or vegan friendly). After dessert, we said goodbye to the Waterfront and this made me very very sad.

We decided to catch the sunset from Mouille Point. We walked about 2 kilometres on the promenade and boy, was it worth it! My favourite combination is a sunset + sea. Nothing compares to watching the sun set on the water. I honestly didn’t want to leave and I wish I could’ve just frozen the moment. I couldn’t help but think that Allah has perfectly planned how every wave will hit the shore and how every ray of sunshine will change colour, so how can we doubt that the plan Allah has for us is anything but perfect?

After the sunset, it was time to say goodbye to my cousin and my nieces and nephew. I’m really going to miss being RadhiKhala.

At this point, we weren’t ready to go back to the room so we decided to go get Nuri sushi. We went to the branch at Sea Point, we had to get takeaways because they were closing. The sushi was so so good and well worth the price. After this we went to Moro Gelato where we had pistachio and salted caramel toffee ice creams. And with this, we said goodbye to Cape Town.

We got back to our hotel, packed the car and settled in for the night as we have a super early morning tomorrow.

Step count: 9 141 (not bad for waking up at 11am)


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