Monday – 26/12/2022 | Table Mountain

After breakfast today we decided to go to Access Park. While it was great for my step count, it was an absolute waste of a morning. Give this a miss. We had Bin Rashied’s pizza for lunch and it was genuinely so good. I definitely recommend getting a margherita with green chillies. To kill some … Continue reading Monday – 26/12/2022 | Table Mountain

Thursday – 22/12/2022 | Wilderness and Victoria Bay

We left the Airbnb around 12pm, we genuinely needed to sleep and rejuvenate because it’s been a couple long days. We drove through Knysna and it was fairly quiet. Our first stop was Wilderness. We got off at Wilderness Beach and straight away, it reminded us of Durban. The sand was burning hot, so it … Continue reading Thursday – 22/12/2022 | Wilderness and Victoria Bay