Monday – 19/12/2022 | Bloemfontein

I’m feeling a little nostalgic because exactly three years ago today, I was on a flight to Istanbul. The two years after that were filled with a pandemic. But this year, finally, we were ready for a trip. We decided on Garden Route.

Look, no one stops in Bloemfontein because there’s nothing to do in Bloemfontein yet somehow we ended up here for the night.

The roads were quiet and picture perfect and the drive to Bloemfontein went smoothly. We took a short drive through town which is really clean compared to Benoni town or Johannesburg town.

We relaxed for most of the afternoon and caught the most beautiful sunset. We ended the day with some McDonald’s and settled in for an early night as a long drive to Port Elizabeth awaits us.

Step count: 5 781 (weak)

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